Mobility As A Service

A three-in-one solution that combines staff, equipment, and data collection to facilitate patient mobilization from admission to discharge.


Proprietary Mobility Software

Our technology platform provides actionable data for facilities to more efficiently mobilize patients and generate better outcomes. Our proprietary software is easy to use and drives compliance while giving management unprecedented data to improve care decisions.

  • Mobility specific data collection

  • Actionable reporting 

  • Drives compliance

  • Unprecedented data to improve care decisions

Dedicated Care Teams

Our patient mobility program includes a focused team dedicated to caring for your most at-risk patients. Our team keeps patients mobile throughout their stay resulting in earlier discharge while reducing risks of pressure injuries, patient fallsand other costly hospital acquired conditions.

  • Mobility-focused staff

  • Dedicated solely to patient activity

  • Incremental mobility time to physical & occupational therapy sessions

Equipment Solutions

Access to the right equipment is critical to patient mobilization and successfully eliminating hospital acquired conditions. Our program provides hospitals with cutting edge patient care equipment like beds and assist devices to safely  and efficiently mobilize patients.

  • Facilitates mobilization

  • Makes patient mobility more efficient

  • Improves staff and patient safety

  • Full equipment suite Included in the program with no capital investment