Achieve Mobility

Our unique approach to patient mobility enables every hospital to execute the single most underlying success driver to prevent HACs, reduce length of stay, increase throughput and improve patient and staff satisfaction. Mobility is proven. Now, it can be achieved.



Farris Health thrives on patient mobility within the hospital. Our evidence-based approach combines dedicated care staff, mobility software, and equipment to safely and efficiently mobilize patients from admission through discharge. Whether in the ICU, step-down, or med-surg, your patients will receive the highest level of mobility-focused care. Our aim is to reduce length of stay, prevent hospital acquired complications, and ultimately restore each and every patient to normal daily living.

Beginning in the ICU, patient mobility is critical. When mobility intervention is started within 48 hours of initiating mechanical ventilation, patients have shorter stays in the hospital, experience fewer hospital-acquired complications and readmissions, and are more likely to discharge home rather than to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.

Expand your mobility program house-wide to ensure the greatest benefit to short term patient outcomes and long term quality of life.

Get your hospital moving today.



Are you interested in our program, but operate outside of the hospital setting? No problem! Achieve More is our full-service mobility program dedicated to care centers outside of the hospital. Regardless of the post acute care setting you manage, Farris Health will customize a care program that meets the demands of your patient population.

We know that LTACHs, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, and Long Term Care Facilities each encompass their own unique needs when it comes to patient mobility. But none are immune to the barriers that make it difficult to achieve. Farris Health removes the barriers related to staffing and equipment, and our proprietary software provides actionable reporting to improve care decisions from admission through discharge.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure every patient has access to the quality care they deserve and make a lasting impact to population health.

Get your post acute facility moving today.

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