Mobility is proven. Now, it can be achieved.

Farris Health introduces a revolutionary approach to patient mobility that eliminates critical hospital-acquired conditions and saves millions annually while providing patients with the extraordinary care they deserve.


The consequences of immobility are severe.

U.S. Hospitals spend over $15.3 billion every year caring for patients who develop preventable Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs) due to immobility. That’s up to $42 million per day in non-reimbursable dollars. All of which is preventable by keep our patients moving.

Immobility is the leading cause of HACs and contributes to the physical deconditioning of every system in the body resulting in longer hospital stays, increased readmissions, and reduced quality of life.

Despite overwhelming evidence of the beneficial outcomes of patient mobility, many facilities lack the necessary resources and capacity to effectively incorporate early mobility into daily practice.

Keeping patients mobile from admission to discharge.

Farris Health’s three-in-one mobility service helps healthcare providers eliminate HACs, shorten length of stays, and avoid readmissions leading to better outcomes and a lower cost of care.


Learn more about our all-in-one mobility service that eliminates common barriers to achieving patient mobility while elevating the level of care your patients receive.